One can only eat so much take-away during a move, though we did discover some outstanding local dishes.

We took leave of our senses while still living in the flat and “brunched” at one of the chicy-mhicy overpriced restaurants nearby. The saving grace on the $32 breakfast is that we walked the 1.5km to the coffee house, thus saving the gas money, so it probably all balanced out.

The “Everything PopTart,” filled with caramelized onions and cream cheese, though? Totally worth the $4.

Taking advantage of farmer’s market bounties, I pickled three jars of pickled scapes, with all the garlic power of a Queen Cersei fireball; and freezer-jammed Strawberry, Raspberry, and Black Raspberry preserves. Black raspberries are my absolute favorite berry; this quart was handpicked (not by yours truly, of course 🤣) and waiting for me at a local farm. My kind of farming.

At one of the farm stands half an hour west of our hamlet, in “Big C” Country, as we joke, Walter’s Basil. Because everyone knows Walter.

First prepared meal in The Farmhouse, a simple bowl of Cacio e Pepe. Because the movers did something right and packed the pepper into the To-Go box.

Visited the nearest International market to The Farmhouse and was pleased to note the usual eyebrow-raising offerings amongst the staples.

An outstanding selection of cheese at the market meant a stonefruit and cheese charcuterie dinner on a blistering heat wave summer evening.

In our section of Loudoun County there sits a string of three towns. Ours is in the middle; the other two are 5 minutes or so east or west. Ours is the “hub,” with the major grocery stores, etc; the other two have the mercantiles for essentials like organic gin and a wedge of Mimolette; and a Fishmonger who just happened to have Skate when I dropped in. Presenting the Skate Piccata we enjoyed for dinner that evening.

Wrapping up this episode, a “Darn it. I forgot to snap before it was served” Fava Bean Kuku, a frittata-inspired dish of Iranian Jewish origin with a heavy dose of dill and mint and including…

…eggs from the chickens next door! WE HAVE CHICKENS FOR NEIGHBORS! 🥰