This adventure began in 2012, when Darling Husband was offered an overseas post. I bid my colleagues and the Working Spouse lifestyle Auf Wiedersehen and was promoted to, “Trailing Spouse.”  The children excitedly planned where to spend their “Fall Break,” “Winter Break,” “Ski Break,” and “Spring Break” from the American School. As for our Foxhound, to whom we promised a dog-friendly life in exchange for nine hours in a plastic crate flying across the Atlantic, his has truly been a dog’s life. He traveled across Europe with us; chased trout in Austrian lakes; and ate Schnitzel mit Pommes at the Hütte on every weekend hike.

Fast forward to 2019. Our time in The World’s Most Livable City reached its end and we returned in June to the Red, White and Blue. The oldest child is a University of Michigan graduate paying his dues as a policy wonk in Washington, D.C.; the youngest one is an American School alum on her way to Trinity College Dublin in September.

As for not-so-dog-friendly America, naturally the Foxhound has a few thoughts about that.

So here we are.

And here’s where we’ve been. Follow along to see where we’re going. Welcome!