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A Music City Sampler

Transportation Highlight. I crossed a time zone (East to Central, and back) for the first time ever in a vehicle! I am easily amused.

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Festival of Trees

A useful reconnaissance.

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Barbeque Briefing: Calhoun’s

In 1983 the brand-new and local-to-Knoxville Calhoun’s competed in the National Rib Cook-Off in Cleveland, Ohio, and brought home the Blue Ribbon for “Best Ribs in America.”

Our vote? 4 Ribs out of 4

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#YeahThatGreenville. Carolina in the Morning.

Nothing could be finer.

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#YeahThatGreenville. Meeting the Upcountry.

In early November Jack messaged me:  “Hey. Want to spend a weekend in Greenville?”

Both of our children inherited our wanderlust, good for them. But, Greenville?

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Trekking Tennessee: Ijams Keyhole Loop Trail

Tennessee Marble.

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Notes on Knox

I’m living in Jurassic Park.

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Barbeque Briefing: Dickey’s

Pit-smoked Texas barbeque since 1941. Yes, I wrote Texas and not Tennessee. 

Our verdict? 4 Ribs out of 4

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Trekking Tennessee: IJAMS Tower and River Trails

The  IJAMS Nature Center is so much more than its name implies. And it is but a 30 or so minute drive from the house, right here in Knoxville!

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