Repatriate Games



Anecdotes on Austria

The Final Episode.

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The Senior becomes The Graduate

The last month has been a pleasant whirlwind of events celebrating our favorite daughter.

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An American Foxhound in Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia’s official State Dog has returned.

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Belgium! The Story Ends

Tournament Time, Leuven, and the Terrifying Drive Home

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Belgium! Ghent

Even more charming!

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Belgium! Dinant

A charmer at the foothills of the Ardennes.

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Belgium! The Story Begins

The Occasion (not that one is needed to travel…)

Anna Grace’s final T&F tournament, co-hosted by the two big international schools in Brussels/Waterloo. Tony and I added two days at the front end for sightseeing.

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Repatriate Games: Moving Company Bidding Day

Earlier this week the three moving companies bidding to send our goods by land and by sea surveyed our household. Each company appointment was an hour apart.

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Hiking & Drinking (With Friends)

With the wagon in the sick bay, Sunday’s plan of hiking in the Kamptal with visiting friends needed tweaking, as we were now without wheels. A second pair of friends joining us had wheels, but not enough seats for the four of us, so Tony and I bought train tickets and met the crew in Langenlois; hence the €59,60.

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