Repatriate Games



Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center: Native Americans of East Tennessee

Every artifact in the exhibit was selected, and blessed, by the Cherokee people.

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A Hillbilly History of Mountain Dew

The soda, that is.

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Fried Chicken Studies. Myrtle’s

It may not be Backhendl, but it sure is delicious.

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Tennessee Tippling: Cades Cove Cellars

Tasting our first Tennessee wine.

The Verdict? 🍷🍷 (out of 4)

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Feeder Fotos

Our back garden can be so entertaining.

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Charleston. Historic Homes

From Hillwood to the Hapsburg’s collection of castles and palaces, I do love historic homes.

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Charleston. The City Proper

As charming as a Southern Belle.

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Charleston. America’s Largest Romantic Garden

And our one and only plantation visit.

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Charleston. Tea and Tides

Each day began with a sunrise walk on the beach. As all days should.

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