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Pandemic Week 7: A Collective Sigh of Relief

At least across (East) Tennessee.

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Pandemic Week 6: Light at the End of the Coronacation?


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Pandemic Week 5: Routines

But still no Netflix streaming.

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East Side Eats: Yassin’s Falafel House

Terrible fotos. Terrific food.

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Feeder Fotos

Fabulous feathered friends.

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Pandemic Week 4: What Day is It?

It’s come to this. I am gardening.

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Pandemic Week 3: From Safer-at-Home to Stay-at-Home

The two of us, like I am certain of so many other households, were not quite prepared to have our children returning to roost for the foreseeable future. We love our fledglings but still, Senior Management did find need to hold a Staff Meeting after a couple of days of togetherness wherein it was announced:

Point 1. Tuna cans DO NOT go into the dishwasher.

Point 2. Any task requests put forth by Senior Management are not “suggestions.”

Point 3. The question, “What’s for (insert meal)?” is not permitted.

Circumstances aside, we’re faring well. Really.

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Pandemic Week 2: Self-Quarantine

Spoiler: we haven’t binge-watched anything. Yet.

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Trekking Tennessee: Fort Dickerson

One of the best preserved earthen Civil War forts, right here in Knoxville.

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