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Notes on Knox

The first installment.

Obviously with 441 boxes (still have not located #280, though) filling the house, roaming about Knoxville or Tennessee is well, not a priority. Eau du Cardboard is not a pleasant home scent.

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And Then There Were Boxes

441, in fact. Though, #280 is still MIA.

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(Volvo)Wagon Ho!

“The process of coming home after living abroad is simple and stress free.”

Said no one, ever.

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Ireland! Part II. Exploring the Emerald Isle and Bidding our Fresher Slán

For the next four days Anna Grace and I connected whenever we could, the first occasion being a Saturday morning in Howth. On our first visit to Howth a couple of years prior we were able to hike around the cliffs and make our way back into the village; on this visit all we had time for was a short walk out to the lighthouse and a stroll about their market. Still, the gusty sea air filled our spirits with happiness.

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Ireland! Part I. The Fresher Moves In

Call it reverse reverse culture shock.

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All the News that’s Fit to Print*

*Especially if it leans a certain political way.

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The Mansion on O Street

Hoarders Fantasy? Kondo Nightmare? Neither! It’s the Mansion on O Street!

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Museum Musing. National Portrait Gallery

So many Smithsonians, so little time.

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Virginia Wandering. Pohick Bay

One final family wander for the summer. On this sultry Sunday morning it was Pohick Bay Regional Park along the Potomac River. (Pohick is Algonquian for, “The place by the water.”)

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