Repatriate Games


Washington D.C.

All the News that’s Fit to Print*

*Especially if it leans a certain political way.

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The Mansion on O Street

Hoarders Fantasy? Kondo Nightmare? Neither! It’s the Mansion on O Street!

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Museum Musing. National Portrait Gallery

So many Smithsonians, so little time.

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Museum Musing: The National Postal Museum

Way more interesting that you might think. Indeed, it is my second favorite Smithsonian museum.

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Museum Musing. Renwick Gallery

Reforestation of the Imagination

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A “Capitol” Outing

Where blocks of tourists are shuffled through a building incredibly rich in history in about 90 minutes.

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Secret Cities

How coincidental that the National Building Museum was hosting an exhibit on the architecture and planning of The Manhattan Project.

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Museum Musing. National Gallery of Art

Beating the swampy heat in the chill halls of the National Gallery.

(By the way, D.C., we did not miss this smarmy, soupy weather.) 

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The Department of Everything Else

Because the United States needed a, “Home Department” to focus on the needs of our growing nation.

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