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Where Christmas is Always in Season

Not the North Pole. The Christmas Museum in Salzburg. Found this in my “Drafts” folder from…Summer 2017, when Tony and I had occasion for an overnight in the Salzkammergut. Seems appropriate to share it now not only because it is seasonal, but because the both of us have been suffering terribly from Austria adopted-homesickness recently and seeing the snaps again makes me smile.

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So Long! Farewell!…

Au Revoir! Auf Wiedersehen, Vienna!

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Anecdotes on Austria

The Final Episode.

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Hiking & Drinking (With Friends)

With the wagon in the sick bay, Sunday’s plan of hiking in the Kamptal with visiting friends needed tweaking, as we were now without wheels. A second pair of friends joining us had wheels, but not enough seats for the four of us, so Tony and I bought train tickets and met the crew in Langenlois; hence the €59,60.

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Burgruine Landsee

A €253,60 outing.

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Once More in the Wachau

Another schlecht Sunday. I reiterate that we are not spending our remaining time in Austria checking places off a list; the day just lent itself to a new exhibit at a favorite castle (I have several favorites), with lunch at a favorite Weinschank afterward.

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Art Brut at the Kunst Forum

Mother Nature served up a schlecht Sunday recently, so what better to do than gaze at art and cozy up in a cafe for lunch? After all, we do love our art brut.

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The Princely Collection of the Liechtenstein Family

The House of Liechtenstein is my favorite. Wanting importance but not being royal, they did the next best thing: they bought their way into favor of the Holy Roman Empire.

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Hiking & Schnitzeling. The Steppes of Burgenland

Not quite either, but on occasion that’s how it falls out.

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