Repatriate Games



Burgruine Landsee

A €253,60 outing.

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Hiking & Schnitzeling. The Steppes of Burgenland

Not quite either, but on occasion that’s how it falls out.

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Gans Burgenland by Bicycle

Cycling between the little wine villages of Burgenland.

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3 Countries.

16 Days.

1 Cracked iPhone face.

72 Travel Hours, including more time in Dubai Airport than any traveler deserves.

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A Day in Burgenland’s “Wine Region”

“Pannonia” is the Roman name for the province along the Danube that is Burgenland and the corresponding lands in Hungary, and to where Tony and I pointed the wagon a couple of weeks ago. Our inspiration for the outing came from a newsletter I received from the official Austrian tourism site, though we did tweak it to suit our interests and time.

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Lunch in Rust

Our Sunday plans went awry early in the day, but not early enough for us to cobble together a lengthy outing.  Luckily the little village of Rust (pronounced, “Roost”) in neighboring Burgenland was hosting its “Gans” weekend festival, celebrating all things, “Goose.” Off we went for lunch on another sunny weekend day.

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A Castle, Kőszeg, and Kastaniens

With autumn in the air over the weekend, naturally a road trip would follow. Not that we ever need a reason. The inspiration for this particular outing was a chestnut festival in Hungary; thinking it would be a small event, I planned for us to see a few other sights in the area, as well.


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Another Christmas Market Post. (This One, with a History Lesson!)


With ox tails ragu-ing in the slow cooker for dinner, and a Teenager busy studying for an Algebra exam, Tony and I pointed the five-horse sleigh into Burgenland, Austria’s smallest state, and largely bordering Hungary (“Ungarn” on the map) to visit the Christmas market at Schloss Esterhazy.
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Three Meals, Three Countries Road Trip Part III: The Panelaks of Petrzalka, Slovakia

An Eastern Bloc-to-Eastern Bloc border crossing, from Hungary to Slovakia– a first for my collection of border crossing photos! This crossing was the most depressing we’ve encountered. Ransacked, graffiti-ed, and not at all welcoming.

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