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Where WWII Ended in Austria

Austria is filled with little known WWII stories. This weekend Tony and I learned about one of them.

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But first, a stop to peek at a castle. Because there are so, so, many around here.

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“Gorge”ous Mendlingtal

With one, final, sunny weekend day remaining before school commences, it wasn’t even a question whether we would hit the road for an adventure.  About a two hour scenic (at least the second half) drive from Vienna is the Mendlingtal Gorge, an old logging route that has been converted into a magnificent walking trail.  The trail is but 3km in length; at the end is a Gasthof serving delicious food, just what one needs for the return walk (and the 800m uphill climb!) to the parking area.

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Schloss Schallaburg Goes Groovy!

On a beautiful Sunday two weekends ago with the Teenagers and a visiting friend off cycling along the Wachau Valley, Tony and I pointed the wagon toward one of our favorite palaces/castles in the area, Renaissanceschloss Schallaburg. The Schloss offers some of the most uniquely curated exhibits; and if that isn’t enough to tempt one to visit, the structure and gardens make for a pleasant outing in and of themselves.

Saturday in Sankt Pölten

Sankt Pölten is the capital of Niederösterreich (Lower Austria), and lies a brief and mostly uninteresting one hour drive from Vienna, save for the pheasants and hawks that play about the passing fields.  Having to be back in Vienna for an evening obligation, a little capital city sightseeing nearby was the perfect way to spend the day.

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