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Hiking & Schnitzeling. Schlosspark Laxenburg

It would be wrong to be indoors on a day as lovely as this.

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Hiking & Schnitzeling. Heidenreichsteiner Moor

The calm before the IB exam storm.

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In Search of Wildschwein

Two visits within one week, and the only Wildschwein spotted was a stuffed specimen at the nature center.

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The Collecting Craze of the Hapsburgs

But did it all spark joy is the larger question.

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Anecdotes on Austria

Lots of good stuff in this edition.

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Hiking & Schnitzeling. Oh Perchtoldsdorf, You Disappoint

Though not because of the hiking.

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An Easter Market in a Castle

Though I am not as inspired by Easter markets in the same way I am by Christmas markets, a market in a castle is another matter.

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Hiking & Schnitzeling. Routine Feels Good

The day following Tony’s return from Pakistan we turned ourselves over to the Vienna Woods. Four and five days in beautiful and green; and crowded and dusty Pakistan was extraordinary, but we were craving Austrian fresh air. Or perhaps we just did not want to deal with our exploded suitcases.

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Hiking & Schnitzeling. A Warm Wachau Weekend

A little early for the Marillen blooms, but that was fine by us.

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