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Salzburg Swan Song

Three suitcases. Seven pairs of shoes. Two nights in a palace.

Oh, and one Foxhound. Not just any Foxhound, but you know who.

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Saturday in Salzburg

Tony and I had an obligation in Salzburg last weekend and decided on an overnight. The hills were beckoning and… the sky was so blue today… and everything was so green and fragrant, (we) had to be a part of it…

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Christmas Market-ing in the Salzkammergut: Salzburg

Last year we spent the long Thanksgiving weekend in Innsbruck, and fell in love with Tirol. This year we chose the Salzkammergut for our getaway, hoping to be equally as enchanted by the Bavarian-style villages and their Advent markets. (Spoiler: we were enchanted!)

At the last minute we decided to have a family Thanksgiving on the night before, which worked beautifully because it meant we had leftovers to enjoy in Salzburg!  After settling Clayton Theodore on Thursday at the rental apartment, we set out for the markets. The forecast snow had not quite arrived and the skies were gray and gloomy, but the hot chocolates from the first market perked our spirits.

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Scenes from the Salzkammergut

Driving home from Munich.  Even with the overcast and sometimes rainy skies, this part of Austria will always be among my favorite things.

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