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Hiking and Schnitzeling. A Double Header.

We think Clayton Theodore has an addiction. To hiking.

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Hiking & Schnitzeling. Liquid “Gold”

This was the participation trophy for having lost a second attempt at a long weekend in Tirol to Mother Nature, in my desire to escape the heat of Vienna.  I’m not complaining, though, because, COWS!

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Lippizaner Almabtrieb

The three of us enjoyed ourselves so much last year in Alpbach for their annual Almabtrieb that I made a point to note the dates for this season, but sadly nothing fit our schedules. Then, fortuitously enough, while thumbing through the lifestyle/culture magazine provided on our public transportation I noted the Almabtrieb near Piber, the Lippizaner Farm. (Yes! Not only is Vienna’s public transportation inexpensive, clean, and efficient, but there is also provided light reading material on the U-Bahn and trams.) A day trip earlier this month was born.

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Around Grüner See

Taking advantage of a forecast second day of pleasant temperatures, we pointed the wagon on Sunday morning to Steiermark; specifically, to the Hochschwab alpine range and Grüner See.


Yes, of course Clayton Theodore joined us. Why would we leave him out of a described, “Family Hike?”


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A Graz Weekend, Upgraded!

Even the weather decided to upgrade itself for our weekend getaway and we were treated to sunshine and crisp blue skies throughout! Having visited Graz (pronounced, Gratz) before, this weekend was a chance to eat more great food and otherwise idle away an ordinary January weekend.

Along the Styrian Schloss Straße: Burg Riegersburg

My suggestion to the children of a castle outing on Saturday was met with reluctance and rolled eyes, and I could see the gears in their heads desperately searching for an excuse not to have to look at Yet. Another. Castle.   That is, until I mentioned that this particular castle was built atop a dormant volcano.

Stift Admont

What else to do when the children are perfectly content to laze about the local pool now that school has ended for the summer? Well, we practicing empty-nesters packed a picnic lunch, filled the Volvo with petrol and pointed ourselves toward the Steiermark province and the monastery in Admont.

Pirozhkis and Peacocks in Graz

The rain and snow forecast for Prague this weekend meant our holiday day trip plans changed again.  As the master family travel planner I’ve always got a Plan B or two at the ready, so off to Graz we went.  Clayton Theodore didn’t seem to mind that we left him snoozing on the sofa.

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