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Belgium! The Story Ends

Tournament Time, Leuven, and the Terrifying Drive Home

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Belgium! Ghent

Even more charming!

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Belgium! Dinant

A charmer at the foothills of the Ardennes.

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Belgium! The Story Begins

The Occasion (not that one is needed to travel…)

Anna Grace’s final T&F tournament, co-hosted by the two big international schools in Brussels/Waterloo. Tony and I added two days at the front end for sightseeing.

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A Week in English. Postscript

Who does not love Paddington?

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A Week in English. Dover

Our final full day. Once again Anna Grace was studying, breaking to lunch with friends from ICL. Tony and I were awake with the first trains of the District Line, sipping our coffee and plotting the day. The weather seemed to be holding for a day outing to Dover and so to St. Pancras we went to catch the train. We were hoping to avoid the London Marathon crowds and thankfully Mother Nature stepped in with the assist.

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A Week in English. London

Like Paris, London is always a good idea. The city is home to around as many people as there are in the whole of Austria, and visiting felt like the urban equivalent of forest bathing. English spoken EVERYWHERE! Look Right! Diversity! Shops open on Sunday! Great Indian Food! Free Museums!*

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A Week in English. Dublin

Not across the pond, but across the Channel. Roughly 36 hours in Dublin for a campus tour; Anna Grace has decided upon Trinity College (School of Physics)!

On the way home we dropped in on Londontown for a few days so she could visit friends at ASL and ICL, and Tony and I could find new things to explore in one of our favorite favourite cities.

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Dangerous Days in Pakistan. One Final Day

Rawalpindi. If this shopping Mecca does not carry it, then you do not need it.

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