Repatriate Games



Belgium! The Story Ends

Tournament Time, Leuven, and the Terrifying Drive Home

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Belgium! Ghent

Even more charming!

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Belgium! Dinant

A charmer at the foothills of the Ardennes.

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Belgium! The Story Begins

The Occasion (not that one is needed to travel…)

Anna Grace’s final T&F tournament, co-hosted by the two big international schools in Brussels/Waterloo. Tony and I added two days at the front end for sightseeing.

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Postcards from Brussels

Brussels, like so many European cities, is best experienced in person rather than through photographs. The Guild Houses that line Grand Place are stunning, yet I most appreciated them in the waning hours of my final afternoon, while finally sitting down for my one and only non-on-the-go meal at a warm and sunny outdoor table.

Ooh la la, Bruxelles!


I am in Belgium on a 52 hour holiday to cheer on the AISV varsity boys in their basketball tournament. In between I am trying to sneak peeks of the city.
An early observation of “Paris’ little sister” (totally my term) is the prevalent and heady aroma of chocolate and waffles. This is not a bad feature at all. The aroma of certain Metro stations (and the aroma wafting from the guest locker rooms at ISB), though, is not a good feature at all.
Other observations while I finish snapping and sorting city photos…
Brussels has a street named for butter! And the good people of this city are not afraid to use it, either.

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