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Extraordinary Armenia! Postcards

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Extraordinary Armenia! Yerevan (2.798 Years in 2 Hours)

If the post title had not given the answer away, I might pose the question, “Where was this photo taken?”  A cosmopolitan square in summer filled with people enjoying the late afternoon hours…could be almost anywhere. It is, of course, Republic Square in Yerevan.


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Extraordinary Armenia! Khor Virap and Mount Ararat

Last month Tony mentioned an upcoming work trip to Yerevan. My ears pricked up. Yerevan, a city as old as Babylon? A country without a McDonalds? When do we leave? Naturally, the same day I purchased my flight, Tony shared a comment from a colleague: “You’re going to Yerevan? Who did you p- – – off?”  Meh, I’ve heard it before. A friend’s husband once declared the beautiful city of Sofia a, “sh- -hole,” and not worth visiting. I was unfazed by the colleague’s travel commentary, and set off last week with expectations as high as the forecast 34° temperatures.

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