Repatriate Games


The British Isles

London. Britain at War.

War propaganda amuses me greatly. Women were called upon to perform “man’s work” while also maintaining the home in the face of rations and the need to be spendthrift, and men were advised to watch their tongues in their presence, as presumably all women were spies, too. After the war, of course, women were reduced to homemaking. Sigh.

London. It’s a Whole Different English.

We love London. Being in London satisfies our spirits in the same way that long weekends to NYC from D.C. made us happy. There is just something about a “big city” that calls to us. (By comparison for those wondering, the population of London hovers around 8 million; that is approximately the population of the whole of Austria. Vienna, the country’s most populous city, is home to around 1 million people.)

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