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Happily Ever After…

Random snaps from our holiday. “Rats or no Rats, That is the Question.”


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Once Upon a Time…Bremen!

Our last official day on the Fairy Tale Route dawned with clearing skies and the promise of a 15° day. Perfect!  With Bremen being an approximate 2-hour one-way autobahn drive from Hameln, and an extension further north to Bremerhaven as an option, CTF joined us for the day trip.

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Once Upon a Time…Hameln and One More Princess Castle (Ruin)

Leaving our kitschy apartment near Kassel we stopped first at Burgruine Polle, the “home” of Cinderella. The story originates in France (we think), and was tinkered with by the Brothers Grimm. They had traveled through the area and thought the ruins would make a perfect setting for the story. So, viola! We preferred to believe the ruins were truly that of the chateau where Cinderella slaved for her Stepmother and Stepsisters.


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Once Upon a Time…Princess Castles and The Brothers Grimm

After a much-appreciated breakfast on our schedule in the apartment, the “Princess” highlights of the Fairy Tale Route beckoned. Squire CTF was all too happy to let us wander whilst he snoozed upon the sofa, and so we set off into the misty hills first toward Trendelburg, Rapunzel’s castle and tower.

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Once Upon a Time…The Fairy Tale Begins

Happy to bid, “Auf Wiedersehen” to Somber Town, we pointed the carriage the following morning first toward Alsfeld and the home of Little Red Riding Hood.

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Once Upon a Time…The Prelude

…Princess Anna Grace and her Squire Clayton Theodore asked to survey Germany’s Fairy Tale Route. So, for the AIS Fall Break this year, we packed the five-horse turbo-charged diesel carriage and set forth for a weeklong road trip through Germany and all places Brothers Grimm.

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