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Autumn in Istria

Tony had a repeat work trip in Trieste, a city we both appreciate for its coastal location (translation: seafood!). The plan had been to drive down for the weekend, and then I would drive back to Vienna on Monday while Tony carried on with his work matters.

We know how that plan went to pot.

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Blowin’ in the (Barcolana) Wind!

How walking felt on Saturday!
Tony needed to be in Trieste by Sunday evening for work, and with Anna Grace away for the weekend on a Scout campout, an overnight getaway in Trieste during Barcolana, the largest regatta in the Mediterranean sounded rather appealing. Yes, Trieste technically lies on the Adriatic. Pesky semantics.
Trieste was, once upon a time, the Habsburg Empire’s fourth largest city, and its only port city. 

Winding down from the mountain range around narrow curves, the city appears. The Habsburgs chose their real estate well.

Though the temperature was mild, we got to experience what the local people and yachtsmen called, “Bora,” the Mistral-like winds that can reach hurricane strength. With no race to watch (the Saturday regatta had been canceled), crowds walked along the harbor front admiring the boats, enjoying the sea air, and visiting the many vendor booths brave enough to remain open. Periodically the winds would gust so strongly that everyone would be pushed a step back!  Laughter followed, and we all carried on with the afternoon.

With Saturday’s regatta canceled by Bora, what else is there to do but to sit for a picnic?
Even in Trieste’s Grand Canal, the little boats were swaying back and forth.

After lunch, a little sightseeing in the city. The Latin, Slavic, and Germanic influences are noticeable all around, from the Piazza Unita d’Italia design to the remnants of a Roman theater.

Of course we ate well during our short stay. Pasta with sardines; a light and delicious Millefoglie; and even a bean soup offered gratis by cooking school students!

The main regatta was delayed on Sunday by a few hours, but because the rains had begun we scrapped our plan to visit Miramare, a Habsburg castle at the far end of the harbor, as well. Since I had a sodden return drive alone ahead of me, I could not stay for the entirety of the regatta, either. A bit of bum luck on an otherwise fab overnight. Tony shared this pretty snap (from our SRO seats) toward the end of the race later in the day.
Twenty-four hours in Trieste was not long enough. We will return.

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