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Road Tripping

Under the Sea

Believe it or not. 

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Trekking Tennessee. Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

Our second visit presented an unanticipated weather challenge.

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Tennessee Tippling. Spout Springs Estate Winery

The scenery could be Austria, no?

Our verdict? 🍷🍷🍷

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Trekking Tennessee. Fort Dickerson Park

One of the best preserved earthen forts from the Civil War area.

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Knoxville in the Jim Crow Era

“Woke” before their time, one might write.

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Pedal Power. The Townsend Historic Trail

They’re only hills. We’ll get over them.

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Trekking Tennessee. Frozen Head State Park

Frozen Head State Park, established around 1988, is named for one of the big peaks in the Cumberland Plateau that is often capped with snow in the winter.

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A Speed Date with Cades Cove

Banking on the Triumvirate.

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Feeder Fotos

Did you know Robins have 3.900 feathers? That is how they are able to over-winter in cooler climes.

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