Repatriate Games


North Carolina

Road Tripping. The Blue Ridge Parkway (toward Home)

At a stop to fill the wagon with petrol for the drive home, we could not help but laugh. It would appear that the current U.S. administration’s import tariffs are working. Two cans of (Austrian) Red Bull cost a whopping $500. 🤣

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Road Tripping. A Sliver of Appalachia

A sliver too small. We must return.

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Road Tripping. Knoxville, Tennessee

Tony had some morning convos at ORNL, so after collecting Jack at the adorable Knoxville airport we stopped at a diner-type place for a quick breakfast. Afterwards these two resumed their longest-running sibling rivalry: the race to ride shot gun. Anna Grace edged out her brother for the first time ever!

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Road Tripping. (Getting To) Knoxville, Tennessee

Well before our return from across the pond, Tony was asked if he might spare some time to present his international perspective to folks at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, at a convenient time upon his return to the U.S.

A date was scheduled. I made plans for a Road Trip. We’re a team like that.

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