Repatriate Games


Road Tripping

Bauhaus, Black Mountain College, and a Bloody Mary

A curiosity-piquing triplet, no?

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Epicurious Adventures

I know, I know. It seems as if all I’ve been doing is cooking and renovating. Or more accurately, stepping in as general contractor while the real contractors do the renovating. The reality is somewhere in between.

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Notes on Knox

Not just renovations. We went to the theater!

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Feeder Fotos

The Robins have arrived en masse.

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Boyd’s Creek. A Driving Tour.

With history, too!

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Notes on Knox

You can likely guess the theme.

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A Hard Cider Flight

More fun than being on a road to nowhere.

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The Best Baloney Sandwich in Tennessee

In the town of Rugby, a failed utopia in the Cumberland Plateau.

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Liberated from Storage. II

In the second and final (or perhaps not, who knows?) installment in this series, UT’s Ewing Gallery presented a random exhibit of items from their collection again. Shall we wander aimlessly together?

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