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Founding Families. The Finest Home in Tennessee

In 1797, that is.

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Liberated from Storage. But That’s It.

My disappointment with UT’s Ewing Gallery of Art.

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Anatomy of a Christmas Tree

In a year without travel, unwrapping the ornaments for the tree brought joy and fond memories.

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Trekking Tennessee. IJAMS in Autumn

Always leading. Never knowing to where he’s going.

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Late November along the Shoals

Fifty Shades of Blue-Grey

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Wears Valley Fall Festival🍂

To quote Audrey Griswald, Maximum Quaintness.

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Historic North Knox Driving Tour. Part I

A challenging undertaking.

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Tennessee Tippling. Little Bear Winery

When the views are more pleasing than the wines.

Our verdict? 🍷

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Cades Cove at Near Peak 🍂

Temperature forecast: 27C
Leaf color forecast: Near Peak
What choice on this late October day but to pack a picnic and head to the mountains?

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