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Postcards from Knoxville

Cleaning up the photo files.

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A Nashville-ish Weekend. End

Would our weekend be bookended by inferior fowl?

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A Nashville-ish Weekend. Middle

Two of us woke around sunrise (one of “us” would not be the 20-something) and walked CTF around Fort Nashboro, the log-cabin outpost park and foundational site of Nashville that lies along the Cumberland River.  A lovely morning walk, though Nashville might want to step up and better manage the many overnight dwellers we encountered.

Fun Fact. Once named French Lick, it was the post at which traders came to sell their buckskins. Each buckskin was worth $1 (in its time); and that is how a “Buck” became equivalent to a dollar!

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A Nashville-ish Long Weekend. Beginning

As a chaser to our recent outstanding Kentucky road trip, and despite my disdain for I-40, a city break in Music City, U.S.A. was penciled in for mid-June.  A luxury Airbnb steps from Honky Tonk Row was booked for the full tourist experience. The Thule was loaded and off we set.

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Bagpipes, Bigfoot and Bluegrass

It’s festival season once more!

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Feeder Fotos

The fledglings arrived!

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Cicada Chronicles. That’s a Wrap!

There are a few hundred late-comers buzzing around, but the din is softer and birds are returning to my feeders.  Cicada Tour 2021 is near its end.

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Jelly Rolls, Fats, and FARTs, Oh My!

We were not prepared for quilting as a competitive sport.

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Sunrise along the Shoals

It’s like Türkenschanzpark, just with more nature for me to snap.

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