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Trekking Tennessee

Trekking Tennessee. IJAMS in Autumn

Always leading. Never knowing to where he’s going.

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Trekking & Tippling. Lakeshore Park & Tsali Notch

Almost like Hiking & Schnitzeling.

Our verdict? 🍷 (The Notch) and 🍷🍷🍷 (The Chatsworth)

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Trekking Tennessee. Obed

This spectacular little trek was undertaken last month; I’ve just been a bit indolent with the words lately.

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Trekking Tennessee. Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

Our second visit presented an unanticipated weather challenge.

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Trekking Tennessee. Fort Dickerson Park

One of the best preserved earthen forts from the Civil War area.

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Trekking Tennessee. Frozen Head State Park

Frozen Head State Park, established around 1988, is named for one of the big peaks in the Cumberland Plateau that is often capped with snow in the winter.

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Trekking Tennessee. Fort Loudon State Park

A retro-ish post from March that had slipped past my notes, of a wander around a British colonial-era fort within an hour of Knoxville.

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Trekking Tennessee. Maryville College Woods

An unassuming little wander through the campus forest.

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Trekking Tennessee. Cumberland Mountain State Park

Mother’s Day in the great outdoors.

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