Repatriate Games



(Volvo)Wagon Ho!

“The process of coming home after living abroad is simple and stress free.”

Said no one, ever.

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Ireland! Part I. The Fresher Moves In

Call it reverse reverse culture shock.

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From Austria…to Appalachia

We’re moving to Tennessee!

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To Market, To Market

This had to happen.

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The Homestead

Life in “The Little City.”

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So Long! Farewell!…

Au Revoir! Auf Wiedersehen, Vienna!

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An American Foxhound in Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia’s official State Dog has returned.

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Repatriate Games: Moving Company Bidding Day

Earlier this week the three moving companies bidding to send our goods by land and by sea surveyed our household. Each company appointment was an hour apart.

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Expat Trivia. Housers

Over our seven years in Vienna we have housed ~120 student night equivalents for extracurricular events hosted by AISV.

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