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A Tale of Two Cities

Not a book review.

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Slovak Festival of Folk Arts

Like an American State Fair, but for the entire country.

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Tinkering in Bratislava

‘Twas a holiday in Austria last week one day so we paid a visit to the neighbors.

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Hipster Trnava

Trnava had piqued our interest for its designation as “Slovak Rome” because of its many churches; and having read that a food truck festival and flea market was happening there last weekend, this “special offer” made the Saturday plan to visit the neighbors come together.

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Dobré trhy

Buried within the seemingly endless streams of, “Christmas Markets You MUST Visit” and practical? advice such as, “Tips for Navigating Christmas Markets” running across my news feeds last week was a quiet little notice for something called, Bratislava Good Market.

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When a Weekend Just Comes Together

Two weekends ago our day outing fell short of expectations by a mile. The following weekend’s outings exceeded expectations by a mile, and then some.

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Saturday in Slovakia: Trenčín.

Last weekend our destination of choice for interesting sights (and great food, of course) was Trenčín, a moderate-sized town in the northwest of Slovakia and the northernmost Roman city in modern Slovakia.

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Modranské Vinobranie!

A weekend outing with the promise of pretty castles or pleasant scenery is to us what sleeping in or Sunday brunch is to others. Bonus points if there is a festival in a village we haven’t visited, for that brings with it the promise of good food and wine, as well. Last weekend the wine village of Modra, Slovakia offered all of it!

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Miro at Danubiana

After our Barcelona visit and an art group at the Albertina in the spring, we are self-declared Joan Miro fans. Understandably, then we were excited to note the opening a couple of weeks ago of a Miro exhibit at one of our favorite museums, the Danubiana Meulensteen, just across the border in Slovakia. On a steamy Central European summer day, a cool museum escape was just what we needed.

Miro’s Palma de Mallorca studio, recreated.

On loan from the family were several dozen pieces. We just like the art, and hope you do, as well.

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