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Idyllic Adriatic, Finale. Slovenia’s Seashore

The Republic of Slovenia was the first to close their borders and declare independence from Yugoslavia. After 10 days of fighting, Slovenia became its own country in 1991. Now you know.  Nearly the size of the U.S. state New Jersey, Slovenia’s riviera is the smallest of the former Yugoslav states at just 46,6 km. Now you know that, as well.

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Idyllic Adriatic, Act II. Italy and Umag

Waking each morning to the sunrise was luxurious.

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Idyllic Adriatic, Act I. From Snow to Sunshine

Mother Nature messed with Vienna terribly last week. The calendar may have read, “AIS Spring Break,” but she was having none of that malarky.

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A Scrumptious Sliver of Slovenia

Plans to connect with friends went awry, but seeing as our hotel in Ljubljana was already booked we decided, “What the hey,” and took an overnight anyway.

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The Life of an Ex-pat Foxhound: Long Weekend Roadtrip

Having the ability to take Clayton Theodore along with us to most everywhere we travel is most appreciated here in Europe. As we discovered on this past holiday, Clayton Theodore has better manners than most of the children at the resort, too!

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When the "Wellness" Resort Weekend Isn’t All (S)wellness, Part II

One of the reasons for selecting a resort in the location we did was for the proximity to other sights of interest. Those who know us, know that hours upon hours of sitting on our bottoms is not exactly our idea of “wellness,” so it was important to have balance. Wörthersee sits in the corner of Austria near to Italy and Slovenia, and the pretty cities of Bled and Ljubljana were each but an equally pretty hours’ drive from the resort (and ended up being the best part of our “wellness” weekend.)
Just gazing at this scenery on our way to Slovenia relaxed us.

When the "Wellness" Resort Weekend Isn’t All (S)wellness, Part I

Who amongst us wants to see this from the “Deluxe Balcony Room with Lakeside View” at a “wellness” resort for a long holiday weekend?

Meanwhile, while the girls were away…

…the boys took an overnight road trip to Ljubljana, Slovenia. Where is Slovenia, you might wonder? Slovenia, like Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro were all once part of Yugoslavia, and now it is an independent country that borders Austria to the south. Ljubljana is its capital.

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