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Barbecue Briefing: Full-Service Barbeque

From an abandoned petrol station to a three-restaurant “full-service” purveyor of all things smoked here in the general Knoxville area.

Our vote? Three ribs out of four.

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Dangerous Days in Pakistan. A Museum, a Monument, and a Mosque

From Saidpur Zulfiqar and I drove to Lok Virsa, Pakistan’s Heritage Museum. Zulfiqar said to me, “Please take your time. Your visit to Pakistan will be enhanced by the learning inside.” That was an understatement. Growing up in the US Midwest I had healthy doses of Native American and Immigrant History instruction; and over the two decades we lived in Washington, DC availed myself of the outstanding exhibits at the Smithsonian to piece together my home country’s cultural heritage. I try to do the same here in Vienna, but there are just so. many. Hapsburgs that I still need my family tree card now and again to make sense of it.

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Party in the Prunksaal

The Austrian National Library celebrates 650 years, and they have unearthed quite a few treasures for this year-long celebration exhibition to share in the State Hall. The exhibit is truly a treasury of knowledge.

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