Repatriate Games

Feeder Fotos

Did you know Robins have 3.900 feathers? That is how they are able to over-winter in cooler climes.

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The End of the Line

A visit to an historic penitentiary.

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Tennessee Tippling. Rocky Top Wine Trail

Definitely not the Langenlois Wine Hike, but we did find a couple of quaffable gems.

Our verdict? 🍷🍷(out of 4)

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Trekking Tennessee. Fort Loudon State Park

A retro-ish post from March that had slipped past my notes, of a wander around a British colonial-era fort within an hour of Knoxville.

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Trekking Tennessee. Maryville College Woods

An unassuming little wander through the campus forest.

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Trekking Tennessee. Cumberland Mountain State Park

Mother’s Day in the great outdoors.

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Pandemic 2020: That’s a Wrap

One fledgling has re-left the nest.

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Trekking Tennessee. David Crockett Birthplace State Park

A pre-pandemic trek from early March I had forgotten, but one entirely worth writing about.

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Pandemic Week 8: Baby Steps

Not much has changed, really.

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