Repatriate Games

Epicurious Adventures

Indulging in the indoor sports when the weather turns wintry.

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Founding Families. The Finest Home in Tennessee

In 1797, that is.

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Liberated from Storage. But That’s It.

My disappointment with UT’s Ewing Gallery of Art.

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Anatomy of a Christmas Tree

In a year without travel, unwrapping the ornaments for the tree brought joy and fond memories.

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Trekking Tennessee. IJAMS in Autumn

Always leading. Never knowing to where he’s going.

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Late November along the Shoals

Fifty Shades of Blue-Grey

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Where Christmas is Always in Season

Not the North Pole. The Christmas Museum in Salzburg. Found this in my “Drafts” folder from…Summer 2017, when Tony and I had occasion for an overnight in the Salzkammergut. Seems appropriate to share it now not only because it is seasonal, but because the both of us have been suffering terribly from Austria adopted-homesickness recently and seeing the snaps again makes me smile.

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Notes on Knox

Autumn, Sundials, and Home Improvement.

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Wears Valley Fall Festival🍂

To quote Audrey Griswald, Maximum Quaintness.

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