Repatriate Games

Snow Day!

By Southern definition.

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Fried Chicken Studies. KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken. From the Mothership.

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In the Footsteps of Pioneers

Daniel Boone and Colonel Harlan Sanders

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The First Desegregated School in the South

I gather my topics of exploration from a variety of sources, and so do not recall how I learned about the town of Clinton, Tennessee being the seat of the first desegregated school in the South. No doubt I and many others may have assigned that moniker to Little Rock, Arkansas or Selma, Alabama. But unlike those stories, both the state of Tennessee and the Clinton city governments supported the, “Law of the Land” regarding desegregation.

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Cherokee Nation

History Lessons

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Notes on Knox


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Barbecue Briefing: Full-Service Barbeque

From an abandoned petrol station to a three-restaurant “full-service” purveyor of all things smoked here in the general Knoxville area.

Our vote? Three ribs out of four.

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The Unclaimed Baggage Center

“From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary.” A genius concept when you think about it.

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One Tranquility Bay

An “out of this world” day trip with my favorite budding astrophysicist.

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