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Counting Down to Christmas 2014

By this third edition of advent calendar posts (previous years are here and here) I thought it would be difficult to find new styles to share. But, no.

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Counting Down to Christmas 2013

Though we are three days into Advent, it is not really too late to catch up on the countdown to Christmas.  Sure, there’s plenty of chocolate and paper calendars to choose from, but why not go for creative?

“Adventskalender für Hunde.” A small chewie for each Sunday in Advent, and a plush Tannenbaum to shred on Christmas Eve. I know a certain Foxhound who is excited about this calendar.

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Counting Down to Christmas 2012

A recent trip to the grocery store, in my car, turned up a bumper crop of ways to count down the days until Christmas.  This is by no means the complete inventory, just those calendars I could inconspicuously snap with my iPhone.

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